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Send and Receive Money
without paying a single
penny. Period

Why We are Different

We are the most honest and caring money transfer provider you have ever known. And here’s why.

We offer instant transfers that is commission-free and no-hidden fees with real-time exchange rate.

Anytime you use RemitFix, you get the most rewarding experience you’ve ever had while sending money abroad.

You can send money wherever, whenever and however you want with total peace-of-mind.

How it Works

Our Service is swift and secure with 3 simple steps


Choose the country of destination and type of currency as well as the amount you want to send and how you would like the recipient to collect the money.


Provide basic information of the recipient such as full name, address, mobile and bank account number and simply select from a list of contacts next time you initiating transaction to same beneficiary.


Check all the transfer details, and you can choose to cancel, register for future execution or confirm to proceed to settle the payment. With the support of Adyen, you can pay 250+ payment methods and 150+ currency – it’s hassle-free.


Upon completion of the payment, both the sender and recipient is kept informed of his or her transaction via SMS and email. The payment can be made available to the recipient either in cash-pickup, mobile wallet or account deposit.